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What do I do? 

  • I help people to change the way they THINK & FEEL about things

  • Heal trauma and anxiety and rebuild your nervous system so you can enjoy life and connect with yourself and others

  • Remove anxiety/emotional triggers and thoughts

  • Break limiting beliefs

  • Change subconscious patterns

  • Remove obstacles to your goals so you can manifest your dreams

How do I do it? 

I am a somatic coach. This means I work bottom up via the body and the subconscious mind. Most therapies work top down focusing on the conscious, rational mind such as talk therapy, CBT, counselling, psychotherapy etc.

Your conscious, rational mind is your present adult mind that you choose things to think about. If it was our conscious, rational mind that was behind anxiety we would simply choose to stop thinking about it and it would go away.

However as most of you will know, anxiety is anything but rational. When it triggers it  activates a survival response in your body signalling a perceived threat. When this happens the rational thinking part of your brain disconnects as it’s too slow and instead the automatic fight/flight/freeze system kicks in whether or not there’s any real danger.

This is why you can know you’re safe and know it's not rational and your body still responds with anxious thoughts and feelings. Your conscious mind is literally disconnected.

This is why many of my clients have been through the usual route of CBT and counselling and not had much success. These are top down therapies that go thoughts>feelings>safety. They try to change how you feel by changing your thoughts.

But remember your thoughts are disconnected from your body when anxiety is triggered so you can do all the CBT and counselling in the world and it will go out the window the second you get triggered. This isn’t your fault. It’s just how your mind and body works.

To heal you have to work bottom up. Safety>Feelings>Thoughts. Think about it, if your body doesn’t feel safe, whether from anxiety, uncomfortable emotions or anything else your survival response kicks in and it becomes your number one priority. The conscious mind is disconnected so you can’t just tell yourself you are safe, the key is to create safety through the BODY and feel safe.

Once the body feels safe, you can explore the root of your feelings and start the healing process. Your mind only creates anxious thoughts in an attempt to trigger the unresolved feelings inside you from the past so you can deal with them, but we are so disconnected from our body and its intuitive wisdom that we instead judge ourselves and get stuck in our thoughts, trying to out think the problem which is impossible.

You have to feel to heal. As a somatic coach I help people tune into, reconnect with their body and feel safe to let their feelings go. Which it does naturally when guided in the right way. Just like your body knows how to heal a cut without you having to consciously think about it, your body can heal your feelings given the right environment (safety, compassion and trust).

I am a guide. I help guide you into your body, feel safe to explore your feelings and get to the root of the issue instead of merely treating symptoms. Then I will guide you how to use your own body through touch, eye movements and breathwork (all backed by the latest research in neuroscience) to feel safe to release stuck feelings and set you free.

This is an actual skill that has to be practiced and experienced and not something you can read from a book. With practice you will get better at being present and attuned to your body, your feelings and your needs and being able to respond to them.

Most of our communication is non verbal. By learning to speak the language of your body you will have a deeper connection and relationship with yourself.

You can have me guide you through the process in a single session to work on a single issue or you can work with me in my 4 session program where we will work on whatever we can over the 4 sessions while you learn and practice my process  to be able to carry on the work after and become your own healer.

EVERYBODY can heal. However, not everyone is ready to heal.

What to expect in the sessions

Each session is 90 minutes long. During that time I will be safely guiding you into your body. This is about your connection to yourself. I will help you explore the depths of yourself, reconnect and heal whatever needs to be healed. It is not about me, I am not here to judge, give advice or tell you what to do. You are the expert on you and you have all the answers you need, I just help you to find them.

You will always remain in control. My job is to keep you safe and in your window of tolerance. So if you feel like you are getting overwhelmed just let me know and I will help bring you back to safety. Chances are I would notice you feeling overwhelmed before you do as essentially that is my job. To be highly attuned to your body and help you to reconnect your mind and body.

Our bodies are always communicating with us and each other.  I will be keeping my body in a state of safety and connection which will help your body do the same.

This isn’t talk therapy, I don’t even need to know any details for it to work. Going over the story often activates the client too much and can be retraumatising. My process is aimed to keep you as comfortable as possible. We only need to activate the feelings or response very briefly before moving away from it and going through the process. By the time we come back to the thought, the feeling will either have gone completely, or gone down significantly that it is no longer overwhelming.

Trauma happens in seconds and so can healing when you use the right approach. Anything we work on we will test and by the end of the session, you won’t be able to get the feelings back no matter how hard you try. This is a permanent result.

A typical session will involve first creating safety in the body. Grounding you, setting an intention for the session. You decide what you would like to work on. We then explore the pattern. Triggering it by thinking about whatever you need to or repeating the negative belief. We then note any information we need and then I will invite you to explore the root of the feeling. We then move away and regulate your body back to safety and heal the inner child if need be. Once the body has processed what it needs to process the rational brain will log back online and you will see the memory from an objective view rather than a subjective view. This will then enable you to then take any lessons from the experience needed in order for you to heal and grow. We then focus on how you would like to respond in the future and install more helpful behaviours and beliefs.

We test everything we work on to ensure success and client happiness. 

Requirements to work with me

  • Having enough tolerance to feel your feelings

  • Willing to face your feelings and be uncomfortable

  • Willing to be brutally honest with yourself and I 

  • Willing to challenge your beliefs 

  • Have compassion for yourself 

  • Willing to drop your victimhood

  • Willing to take responsibility and take action

What I offer?
90 minute sessions online via Zoom worldwide

Face to face sessions dependent on location

121 Program: 4x 121 sessions + Safe & Sound Protocol £499 (payment plans available) - Now I’ve never met anyone that had one issue. We are like onions with many layers, often we heal one layer and reveal another.

This is my signature program delivered over 4 weeks with life changing results. For 80% of my clients the majority of the anxiety they are experiencing will be gone after the program. It not only processes the emotions that are fuelling the anxiety but also rebuilds your nervous system to make it more resilient for the future.

We will work through all your triggers over the 4 sessions. Practicing co regulation which will in turn build up your ability to self regulate on your own in the future.

After the 4 session program you are always welcome to carry on your journey with myself or on your own, perhaps with my online membership.

The Safe & Sound protocol has been a massive game changer for my clients and even for myself. Healing anxiety isn't just about processing emotions and healing trauma its also being able to safely connect with yourself and others. Developed by Stephen Porges who created polyvagal theory this is a 5 hour sound therapy that trains your nervous system to tune into your safe and connected state which for many of us, has so rarely been used we don't even know how to pick up the cues of safety from others which is the real reason behind anxiety. 

It has made such a huge difference to my life and I'm someone that has done as much healing as I can so to have such a profound effect I now include the SSP in my 121 program and in 4 weeks your whole nervous system will be so much more healthier and resilient.

(For more info on the SSP watch this video)

As part of the 121 program you ALSO get a months membership to The Resilience Club, The Anxiety Foundation Course and the Magic toolkit to use in your own time (£198 sold separately)

Again, I will never ever judge you. I have heard and seen it all. I am only here to help you heal.  It’s normal to feel a little nervous before the session. I promise you, you’ll be absolutely fine.

Hopefully I’ve answered any questions you might have. If you still have any questions email me at or reach out to me on Instagram

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