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More than top marks for Shane!! His expertise and approach 20 out of 10. He is absolutely committed to helping those of us who are ready to do this work.

After attending 4 weeks (12 sessions), I'm calmer, less anxious and becoming more and more knowledgeable by the day at working towards operating from a place of authenticity. I'm here for all of this!!

Thank so much for opening my eyes to another way of "being". Shane is also very relatable; clearly an expert in this field but he communicates in a way that makes you feel as if he is sitting beside you, holding your hand and saying "we will be OK". He is honest and willing to show his vulnerability, which makes him a stand-out therapist in my book!

Jenni Henry - Mullings

Benefits you will experience from joining The Resilience Club

Control stress and emotions

Step 1

Learn how to regulate your nervous system and emotions like a remote control. Never feel overwhelmed again and take back control of your mind and body.

Find inner peace & feel safe

Step 2

No matter how overwhelming life might be for you right now, you'll find peace while being fully present with yourself, feeling safe to feel your feelings without being overwhelmed.

Improve anxiety naturally without medication

Step 3

Medication masks the issue without dealing with the root cause and can make things worse. Beat anxiety naturally with zero side effects.

Reconnect with your authentic self

Step 4

Stop caring what other people think about you and create more space for you to be you. Reconnect with your body and your feelings and take care of your needs.

Remove obstacles and manifest the life you want

Step 5

Gain clarity with your life and remove the obstacles getting in your way of creating the life you want through powerful meditations and breathwork.

Learn how to release stuck emotions

Step 6

Learn the same techniques I use to help my 121 clients heal trauma and let go of emotions and stress that have built up in the body.

Increase your tolerance to stress and emotions & build confidence in yourself

Step 7

Build the resilience and confidence to handle anything life throws at you without overwhelming your nervous system.

Have healthier relationships

Step 7

When you can handle your emotions and stress levels you will improve every single relationship in your life as you  communicate effectively and hold space for others to heal.

Break negative beliefs

Step 7

Our beliefs shape our perception of life, change your beliefs, change your life. Get access to powerful tools that not only break negative beliefs but also install positive ones.

Stop anxious thoughts in their tracks

Step 10

Learn how to stop racing thoughts from spiralling out of control so you can enjoy your own peace of mind.

Love and accept yourself

Step 10

Repair the relationship you have with your self/inner child. Listen, understand, meet your needs and nurture yourself with compassion.

Learn proven anxiety solutions that actually work

Step 10

Learn my unique method to resolve anxiety that I have created and refined from helping 100's of clients overcome anxiety. You won't find it anywhere else.

What is The Resilience Club?

An online monthly membership that offers unlimited live sessions for less than the price of a single 121 session with me.

My method is split into 3 parts. Re-education, Resilience and Release. The Resilience Club covers all 3 parts with emphasis on building Resilience through reconnecting with your authentic self, your body, your feelings and regulating your stress and emotions so you can feel peace while being fully present with yourself.

This builds a resilient nervous system, a bit like going to the gym for your nervous system. Bullet proofing you against stress and anxiety, so that you can handle anything life throws at you, without getting overwhelmed.

We also practice the release work, but with less depth than 121 sessions.

These sessions teach you to connect with your true self, get to know, understand, nurture and heal yourself. The emotional self care we desperately needed, but didn't know how.

I've simplified things so that all you have to do, is turn up and follow along. You don't even have to speak to anyone or have anyone see you. You just need to be able to see and hear me.

There are 12 sessions per month. Each session is roughly 90 minutes long. 3 sessions a week:

Tuesdays - 7.30pm
Thursdays - 7.30pm
Sundays - 10am

All sessions are recorded and added to the membership site for replay at your convenience, alongside the tools that we use in the sessions.

Each session consists of these 3 components:

Education and Q&A

Learn my unique process directly from me and have me personally answer your questions. In between sessions an anonymous survey goes out for anyone to ask questions or suggest topics to cover. I then answer these at the start of the sessions,

Somatic and subconscious exercises

Helping you to get out of your head and into your body. Reconnecting with yourself and practicing regulating your stress and emotions. Retraining your body to feel safe instead of overwhelmed and break the conditioned response. 

Yoga Breath Guided Meditation

Practicing powerful ancient techniques that reconnect you to your deepest sense of being, giving you the keys to your nervous system and your spirit. This is like meditation on steroids, yet its easier, more fun and deeper. Experience how different you can feel after just 1 session.

Here's what the members have to say...

Got A Question? Here's The Answer...

What timezone are the sessions?

London GMT

What if I miss a session?

If you miss a session you can catch the replay in the membervault. Sessions aren't progressive so you can drop in and out as needed.

Is there a contract?

Nope no contract, can cancel at absolutely any time. 

Do I have to go on video or speak?

No, not unless you want to. Most members have the video switched off and muted throughout the session unless asking a question, which can also be done via chat if preferred.

Is this group therapy?

Kind of, but not like you may imagine. You aren't interacting with eachother. Essentially, everyone is focusing on me and following my lead. Most comment it feels a lot more like a 121 than a group.

Does this replace 121 work?

No, while we do explore and practice my release techniques, a 121 session allows a lot more depth, focus and care. However, some may find they don't need 121 sessions as their resilience increases and if they do, they will be perfectly prepared to work 121.

121 or The Resilience Club?

They both have their place. Ideally every client will go through The Resilience Club for at least 4-8 weeks as it will prepare them for 121 work.
Everyone will benefit from joining TRC as it helps you build the resilience to ALL stress, anxieties and emotions.
121 work is best for working on a specific pattern or deeper release work.

How does the free trial work? 

No payment is taken from your card for 7 days. After 7 days your membership starts and then it will be £99 per month. If you don't want to join, simply email me to cancel before the 7th day and you won't be charged.