Anxiety = Avoidance

When we avoid ourself from our pains through distractions, keeping busy or numbing ourself we prolong the pain and delay the healing.

We need to move towards acceptance and action.

Accepting this is the way you feel no matter if you don’t understand it and taking the right action.

Problem is, we were never taught how to deal with our pain.

Unless your parents were really well balanced and taught you how to self regulate you likely have some hidden pains within you.

Maybe when life’s going well and stress is low you can suppress this pain and it might rarely ever appear.

When we are stressed or not feeling as resilient due to difficult time’s like the present, our pains can start to leak out and surface.

To heal your pain you need to feel safe to explore it and the knowledge how to process it.

This is what I do. Whether it’s causing anxiety, addictions, or just making life difficult for you.

The pain is the path. You just need someone to guide you along it and keep you safe.

Don’t suffer in silence when you really don’t have to.

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