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My Proven 3 Part Method of Anxiety Recovery

1. Re-education

Forget everything you know about anxiety. Especially if you have been told there's nothing you can do, only hope to learn to "cope" with anxiety and that you are stuck forever.

The truth is, anxiety is misunderstood and knowledge is power. With the right knowledge, anxiety is no longer something to fear as you will have a clear understanding and know the exact path to freedom.

2. Reconnection & Regulation

What does it REALLY take to become a Woman who’s loved, cherished & adored by her Man? Join my NEWEST “Love Activation” 7-Day Audio Course Absolutely Free to Master Your Inner Game so that you can attract the love you want & deserve!

3. Release & Rewrite

The biggest misconception in the love advice space is that all men are the same & so the same strategies work with all men. The truth is, men are DIFFERENT! Discover how you can start reading men like books, based on their type. You’ll never look at men in the same way again after watching this free masterclass!

Who is S
hane Haron?

Polina Solda is an unstoppable lifelong learner hfrom Moscow, Russia, who has dedicated the past 10 years to coaching women how to attract their perfect match & create their love life by design with her signature programs like Love by Design™.

Since 2009, when Polina attracted her perfect match Paul, she has helped over 10,000 women with their love life. A Love Mentor & Innovator with over 30,000 hours of teaching, coaching & training, Polina made a massive shift to focus on a big gap that she saw in the dating & relationship advice space: A Type-Based Approach to Love. She created her flagship programs to help single women stop dating blindfolded by using general approaches that rarely work & start dating by design so that they can thrive in love.

When Polina isn’t working, she can be found practicing power yoga, boating with her family or going out on dates with her husband, or girls’ nights out with her girlfriends. Her motto is simple: Say “Yes” to what you love, say “No” to everything else!

The Results Shane's Clients Are Getting:


"After 7 years of being a widow, he was just another "tin man"- no heart.  Ending the toxic relationship made me clueless about what to do next. That's when I met Polina, who made me realize that I was allowing myself to be treated that way. She is the type of coach who cares; she is patient & understanding, & digs deeper to give us what we really want. Her way of teaching is: making me do the work & being involved in re-shifting my limiting fears in relationships, & in general, into more positive beliefs. I am much more relaxed, grateful & positive than before. It's like I am back to being me again."




"I am living in a rural area, so my opportunities to socialize are limited. Online dating is a better way to do it. Working with a coach is the first step & has better results! Before trying Polina's program, I struggled with how I saw myself as a woman; that's why I let my past partners have the upper hand in the relationship. But by enrolling in her program -- she touches on that specific struggle I have & introduces more applications beyond dating. The transformation of my love life happened because I have a much better perspective on allowing people to be who they are & retaining who I am. Right now, I have a fun relationship with a man who drives hours for me!"




"I turn 80 in 8 days, & have had as many as 7 men interested. Unfortunately, I had to cut one loose because he consistently violated my boundaries. And if it weren’t for you, Polina, I wouldn’t know I could set boundaries!"




"Through doing this work with Polina by my side, I’ve shifted so much. I’m more & more comfortable with the skills I’ve learned & using them in an effective way to further deepen the relationship. Without that support from her, I know he & I wouldn’t still be together. Because her work goes beyond just “getting the guy.” When you find him, that’s when the work really begins!"



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