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Chronic anxiety, panic attacks and even PTSD can strike you down and ruin your quality of life. Not only can it deplete you mentally and physically, but it can literally isolate you from family, friends and the world around you.

Simple trips to the shop’s can be riddled with fear. Making it through your daily job can take a massive amount of willpower. Socializing with friends or going out to events can stop you in your tracks with dizzying anxiety.

Your body is in a chronic state of panic, almost as if it were in the throes of real war, but instead…you’re just trying to live your daily life. While others around you seem to move through life, relationships, and soaking up everything life has to offer…you sit on the sidelines.

Your world is controlled by anxiety and panic. Fear is an ever-present feeling that courses through your body in almost every situation whether you like it or not. As the anxiety has become worse you’ve found that your own world has begun to cave in around you. Maybe you’ve become less social with friends. Maybe you’ve avoided traveling. Or maybe you’ve even got to the point where you barely want to leave your own home.

No matter what level of anxiety, panic or PTSD you’re currently facing, all you want is a way out. You’ve probably already tried the typical approaches of medications, psychotherapy or even other alternative medicine treatments.

Many of these approaches not only can be costly and time-consuming, but they typically never get to the ROOT CAUSE of your anxiety problems. Many of these standard approaches are ineffective for the long-term simply because they focus more on SYMPTOM resolution vs. eliminating the true catalyst or causes for your anxiety.

While your view on recovery or hope for total freedom from anxiety may be weak and dismal at best right now (which is understandable), I have very good news for you…

Trauma & Anxiety Specialist

Hi, I’m Shane and I Want To Help You Eliminate 
Your Anxiety With a Proven Solution…

My name is Shane Haron and I’ve been involved in Personal Development now for over 13+ years. I specialise in helping people from all walks of life overcome both chronic anxiety, panic attacks and even PTSD.
For the past decade I’ve both researched and studied in a number of different areas regarding the mind and body. I originally worked as a personal trainer and nutritionist for many years, with great success. Then later on, I found myself having my own trauma and anxiety issues and this lead me down a path of self-discovery to not only heal myself, but to share the knowledge to help others.

My super power has always been the ability to find out information. Little known solutions to seemingly impossible problems, a bit like a geeky Liam Neeson scouring the internet and books instead of the streets lol.

My relentless pursuit of answers has resulted in a method that I’ve refined and proven to work time and time again. My methods are backed by the latest research in neuroscience and work holistically on the mind and body as one to create long-lasting resolution to anxiety, panic attacks and trauma.


So how does my unique approach and methods differ from traditional medicine or cognitive therapies?

Unlike traditional methods that focus on prescription medications and/or talk therapy (or a combination of both), I look at the entire body and nervous system, as well as underlying physiological and psychological “triggers”.

These triggers could be going on within your own mind and body without you even being aware of them. Once resolved, your body can reach a more natural state of homeostasis where anxiety, panic and other problematic disorders simply can not exist.

The issue right now is more than likely your body is stuck in fear and the “fight or flight” response causing your nervous system to be in a heightened state of alert. Normally this state is reserved for times of survival. But in your case, the switch is stuck to “on”. It’s like sitting in the driver’s seat of a car and pushing down on the gas pedal and the brake at the same time. Your nervous system is “revved” up, but for all the wrong reasons.

The more you have panic or anxiety, the more you fear. The more fear you have, the more panic and anxiety grows. This can become a very vicious and perpetual cycle that can be tough to break.

My goal is to help you peel pack all the layers and use my proven methods to help you not only become more aware of what your triggers are, but to help you neutralise them. Giving you back full control of your life.

I use Psychosensory therapies including some of the most groundbreaking and scientifically proven therapies like Havening, Brainspotting, EMDR, BLAST, TFT and even Lucid Dreaming to help give you results in a very short amount of time.

I also use The Control System to help you get back in control of your subconscious mind (which is at the heart of anxiety, PTSD and other problems). It’s shocking not only how powerful and effective this can be, but how quickly it can work on some of the most severe cases of panic, anxiety and/or PTSD.

To quickly summarize my entire approach, I will work with you one-on-one and implement what I refer to as my 4 R’s which help…

> RESET your autonomic nervous system from survival mode to a calm, safe mode that enables change.

> RELEASE past painful experiences, memories, triggers and emotions.

> REWIRE your subconscious negative patterns, triggers and beliefs into more positive outcomes.

>RECONNECT with yourself and others, building healthy relationships.

Don’t take my word for it, read some of the 100’s of reviews from my happy clients

Let’s Connect and See How I Can Help You…

I’ll be honest, I get a huge thrill every time I help a new client who’s been suffering from anxiety, panic or PTSD get free once and for all. I always make sure that I go above and beyond with what I need to do in order to give each and every one of my clients the positive outcomes they desire the most.

In fact, I’ve had so much success with my methods that it’s not a matter of IF they work, but how QUICKLY they will work.

You’ve been suffering long enough, letting anxiety take over your life. Why delay something that can be recovered ASAP. If you had a tooth ache you’d want it resolved NOW. Not have to visit the dentists for weeks or months with no end in sight.

But before I go into further details on how we can work together, I’d like to connect with you first to see if you’re a good match for my program. If you are a fit for this program, we will typically do 3 sessions in person or over an online video ZOOM call.

Not only will I show you the exact steps, methods and techniques you’ll need to take in order to become anxiety free, but I’ll also give you homework as well that will help put you on a much faster path to success.

For now, please fill out the short form below. Once I receive your information, 
I’ll get in touch with you in regard to the next steps we’ll need to take…

I not only look forward to hearing from you soon, but I’m also super excited to help you get back to living the panic/anxiety-free lifestyle that you deserve.

Shane Haron

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