When your bodies natural release process is blocked, stress, energy and emotions build up inside you leading to:

  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Intrusive thoughts

  • Emotionally reactive, low patience, frustration, anger

  • Disconnection, DPDR, not feeling like yourself anymore

  • Inability to relax, switch off, insomnia

  • Gut problems, auto immune issues

  • Unexplained chronic health issues

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  • You're overthinking and under feeling. You have to feel to heal. Feeling is a skill.

  • Your bodies own natural release process is blocked, causing stress energy to build up inside you.

  • You haven't built the nervous system capacity be in your body and feel through your uncomfortable feelings and stress energy.

  • You don't know how to regulate your nervous system to control anxiety symptoms, apply the brakes and turn off the anxiety alarm.

  • You don't know how to feel safe to surrender into your body, let go of control and trust your bodies own natural release process

  • You're using therapies that makes anxiety worse by digging up the past and overloading your body with even more stress/energy/emotions than you're ready for, increasing your symptoms.

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Scientists have discovered that even though animals in the wild live every day of their lives in constant danger of being hunted by predators, interestingly they don't experience anxiety.

Although their nervous systems are being constantly activated into survival mode, when they survive and they are away from the danger and back to safety they insinctively know how to deactivate and release the stress energy inside by allowing their bodies natural release process to unfold.

This somatic (meaning body) release process is built into humans too but we block it because we don't understand it.

While our higher brain functions have helped us to evolve, it gets in the way of our bodies primal release process as we try to understand, analyse and make sense of what we are experiencing instead of just surrendering into the experience, feeling through it and allowing the release process to unfold

Anxiety is a symptom of your nervous system activating into survival mode due to stress, energy and emotions building up inside your body. This can be from present stress and/or past stress (trauma)

The key to overcoming anxiety for good isn't to stop or numb anxiety, its unlocking your bodies ability to release the stress and energy that is fuelling the anxiety reponse, by feeling it and allowing it to pass through your body and be released.

This is easier said than done and even if you are willing to feel it, if your body see's the feelings as unsafe, it will block your body from releasing it.

Blocks to your somatic release process

If you didn't have any blocks to your somatic release process, you would simply feel through the stress energy and emotions and it would pass through you.

There are many common blocks to the somatic release process that I have observed in my clients. One of the most common ones are:

"It's not safe to feel anxiety"

When you are anxious about anxiety as soon as you start experiencing it, instead of opening and allowing it to pass through your body and releasing, instead it will do its best to suppress and contain it. Thus causing it to build up inside you.

Another is not feeling safe to let go of control which stops you from ever surrendering into your bodies own natural release process.

This is why I have created The Somatic Release Method to unlock your somatic release process and teach your body how to feel safe to feel through and release the the energy and emotions fuelling anxiety and disconnection.

This is done extremely carefully by working with your body, not against it like many therapies and having someone to co-regulate you. This ensures that your body doesn't get overwhelmed.

We learn embodied processes like this through modelling and mirroring, from my nervous system to yours.

Each time your body goes through the somatic release process its like going to the gym for your nervous system and you become stronger and more resilient.

After your body has learned, unlocked and become confident in the somatic release process, you will be able to self regulate & release on your own and need less co-regulation from others.

This is my goal for my clients in my 121 program and as long as they maintain a healthy stress and emotional maintainance, ensuring their cup doesn't get too full and overspill, they will never struggle with anxiety ever again.

How to Overcome Anxiety

Unsure what to do or where to start? Follow each step. Each step lays the foundation for the next.

1 - Watch the How to Heal Anxiety Masterclass

You can't understand the solution when you don't quite understand the problem.

The masterclass will teach you how to overcome anxiety for good, even if nothing else has worked.

Please set the time aside to watch it and it will all make sense.

2 - Take the 14 Day Stress Release Challenge

When you are feeling anxious it's hard to think straight or make decisions so the first step of working with me or receiving my help is to sign up for the 14 day Stress Release Challenge where you will receive full access to my Somatic Self Care Membership without needing to spend a penny.

I am offering this because rather than try to convince you of the benefits it's alot easier to actually let you experience the benefits yourself.

I guarantee if you take action with the Stress Release challenge you will feel better within 14 days.

Sign up and start feeling better ASAP

3 - Work with me 121

You may find you don't need to work with me 121 and you get the anxiety relief you need from my Somatic Self Care Membership which is why I left this option last.

The membership will build the foundational skills, trust and familiarity to make the 121 program easier.

However the membership will only take you so far. If you are ready to go deeper and want to be free from anxiety in the next 12 weeks my 121 program is for you.

My 121 program is my premium service delivered over 12 weeks that will guarantee your success.

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I know exactly how you feel. Ever since my own struggles with anxiety, I have made it my mission to find a permanent solution to anxiety.

  • Had high functioning anxiety most of my life. Never knew it was anxiety.

  • First learned I was experiencing anxiety when I ended up in A&E thinking I was having a heart attack.

  • Was failed by the traditional route of counselling, CBT and medication

  • Tried alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy

  • Noticed some progress and started studying and qualifying in many alternative therapies

  • Started working as an Anxiety Coach helping others

  • Stumbled across the world of polyvagal theory, trauma, somatic therapy etc and things started to make sense

  • Trained and qualified in multiple trauma focused somatic therapies

  • Worked with thousands of anxious clients allowing me to experiment and test what worked best. A lot of trial and error.

  • Noticed this natural release process unfold in every single successful client

  • Created The Somatic Release Method that allows this release process to unfold in the safest and easiest way possible without overwhelm

I have refined my process through thousands of clients that have bravely gone before you.

I am extremely proud to say that I have created a process that can not only guarantee your success, but can also promise that the experience will be as comfortable as possible and ensure you are never overwhelmed.

Many trauma therapies such as EMDR while they can work, often flood and overwhelm clients with more energy and emotions than their body can handle.

This not only makes the symptoms worse, but puts you off going back for more so you never truly learn HOW to feel and hold space for your own feelings and body sensations.

The Somatic Release Method teaches you how to feel and heal at a pace and intensity that is right for you.

This ensures your success and that you are equipped with the ability to empty your stress cup going forwards, so it never overspills and causes anxiety in the future.

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FREE How To Overcome Anxiety For Good Masterclass

Start here and watch this as it will explain everything you need to know about anxiety and The Somatic Release Method.


Learn these core principles and you will understand yourself and why you are experiencing anxiety.

  • What Anxiety is a SYMPTOM of

  • What's secretly fuelling anxiety

  • What's keeping you stuck in survival mode

  • The root cause of anxiety

  • Why other methods fail and can even make it worse

  • What your anxious thoughts really mean

  • Discover your bodies own natural healing proces


  • A great starting point to learn The Somatic Release Method

  • Good to empty your cup and maintain healthy stress hygiene

  • 2x Live co-regulation sessions a week with me Mon & Thurs 8pm GMT

  • Access to my library vault of the best somatic techniques

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121 Coaching

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12 Week Mentorship Program

If you want to become qualified in The Somatic Release Method to help others along their own healing journey I have a mentorship program to qualify as a Somatic Release Method Practitioner.

Whether you are currently working as a therapist/coach with clients or just someone who is interested in learning how to hold space, co-regulate and connect with others more effectively, I would love to hear from you.

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