Who is Shane Haron?

Zero to "Hi" in 90 Seconds!

This is the story of how a struggling in love woman attracted her perfect man & for the last 10 years has been helping women of ATTRACT their dream man & CREATE their love life by design!

A Type-Based Approach to Love

I haven’t just been mentoring & inspiring women in how to create their dream love life by design for the past 10 years—I’ve been doing it myself for even longer (basically, testing everything I teach in my own life to ensure that what I give you works).

I’ve come a LONG way—from getting divorced to attracting my perfect match & helping women take their desire for love & turn it into reality. With my flagship program, Love by Design™️, this & MORE has become possible for women of all ages, from all walks of life (never married, divorced, widowed) & from all over the world.

Starting in 2008 when I was single & dating in New York City, I noticed a big, glaring difference between the actual dating scene & the dating advice industry regarding  the perception of men.

What I learned from dating experts was that men are the same, they look for the same things in women & so the same strategies work for all men.

Advice like “3 steps to make any man want you,” “5 secret texts to get a man to fall in love with you” & “7 keys to become an irresistible woman” cluttered my email inbox—yet I had no results to show in my love life.

Months later, I was still single, wondering, “What am I doing wrong?”

I searched for answers from “dating gurus,” who were saying that I was “the common denominator,” so I had to do more personal growth work (never mind that I’ve been doing that since the age of 18).

I wasn’t “feminine” enough, so I had to become “more feminine” (never mind that I come from Russia, where women wear makeup & heels when they go grocery shopping).  

I wanted to find a strong, smart, successful man, so I had to play “dating is a numbers game” (never mind that I had gone on over 100 dates in less than a year).

That’s when I had a breakthrough moment…

What I witnessed firsthand, going on an average of 3-5 dates a week, was that MEN ARE DIFFERENT!

Men are looking for different things in women, not the same things.

And so, different dating strategies work for different men. 

How else can you explain the fact that doing the same thing with different men gets you completely different results?!

So I started challenging everything I’d learned about love.

What if there was absolutely nothing “wrong” with me?
What if I didn’t have to do any more personal growth work?
What if I didn’t need to be “more” of anything?
What if the type of men I was looking for just weren’t right for me?

It wasn’t long after I asked myself these questions that I attracted my perfect match.

He’s very different from men I had dated previously, yet complementary to me.

He’s crazy about me (yes, even 11+ years later) without my having to do anything. It’s the easiest, most fulfilling & longest relationship I ever had.

The secret?!

We are what is called the perfect “dual partners.”

It simply means we’re very different, yet very complementary, partners for a strong, stable & lasting relationship.

The bottom line? Creating my own love life by design has given me the freedom to be exactly the woman I was born to be—inspiring, powerful & bold, have the exact relationship I thrive in best—exciting, playful &fun--and do exactly what I love to do best as a business—help women create their love life by design.

AND I want to invite YOU to discover & create your own love life by design. YOUR DESIGN!

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