About me

The Therapies I use

I’m qualified and trained in a number of modalities such as:
Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, EMDR, BLAST, Advanced BLAST, Havening, Thought Field Therapy, Brainspotting, Metaphors of Movement, Clean language, Old pain 2 go, STEPS, Dreamscaping, TIME, Kinetic shift, The Control System, The Blueprint, The Blueprint – Anxiety, Sports Performance, James Tripps Hypnosis without trance, Melissa Tiers Addictions protocol and Mindscaping to name a few.

They all have their own merits and could all be used individually on their own as successful stand alone treatments. I blend and weave whats right depending on the client. I am not financially or egotistically attached to any one method. My focus is always on whats best for the client and I am constantly learning and refining how I work. I’m human, I don’t know everything and I make mistakes but pride myself on filling any gaps in my knowledge and learning from them. My thirst for and ability to find solutions to problems is my super power.

I have also studied the following courses with the worlds leading experts at NICABM: How to work with the brain and body to reverse the effects of PTSD, How to work with shame, Expert strategies for working with anxiety, Practical skills for working with clients who are angry, How to work with the traumatized brain, Why the Vagal System Holds the Key to the Treatment of Trauma, How to Work with Clients Who Struggle with an Inner Critic, How to Help Clients Break the Cycle of Traumatic Memory, Polyvagal Theory Can Revolutionize Your Work with Trauma Survivors, How to Work with a Client’s Inner Systems to Heal Trauma, Working With Core Beliefs of “Never Good Enough”, Practical Strategies to Foster Post-Traumatic Growth.

I call myself a Psychosensory therapist as I predominantly use the body based therapies that utilise your senses such as BLAST & Brainspotting (advanced versions of EMDR) and Havening as the latest neuroscience research and my own experience has shown the best results when working with trauma and anxiety for a permanent solution. Body based somatic psychosensory therapies are what the worlds leading experts on trauma such as Peter Levine, Bessel Van der Kolk, Dr Gabor Mate, Stephen Porges etc. recommend for trauma and anxiety. My online anxiety course uses the same successful framework as I do with my 121 clients but focuses on easy to use methods you can use yourself. Learning such a broad range of therapies has allowed me to be very versatile with how I work and get results.


Who I work with

I work with clients worldwide online via video call or at my office in Harold Wood, Essex, UK. I’ve worked with clients as far as New Zealand! My only requirements to work with me is that you are ready to change, take responsibility, commit to working with me and have a good internet connection. I can work with you no matter where you are in the world. 

I predominantly work with all the different branches of anxiety and trauma (GAD, social anxiety, performance anxiety, OCD, PTSD, CPTSD, fears, phobias, depression), essentially everything comes under trauma and anxiety. Addictions, relationship issues, weight loss, performance, chronic pain. If you are interested in working with me click the button below to book a free 30 min clarity call.

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