Hey I’m Shane Haron also known as The Anxiety Specialist and in this workshop I will simplify mental health and teach you the method I’ve created and used successfully with 100’s of clients (read all the reviews on my instagam highlights @anxietyspecialist )

This information is needed more than ever right now. I spent years and a small fortune learning from the best in the world to learn what I am teaching you for less than you’d probably spend on a night out!

It won’t just be educational but you will also get to experience how powerful the process is and heal if you choose to.

After the workshop you will:

Actually understand what mental health is really about

Understand trauma and learn how to heal yourself

Learn how to undo negative beliefs and triggers

Learn how to take care of your mental health without drugs or therapy

Learn the truth about anxiety and and depression and how to beat it

Know how to help friends and family with their mental health

Discover how to switch off stress and anxiety in minutes

Have extremely valuable life skills that will help you for the rest of your life

This will be on zoom, you won’t need to go on camera or speak if you choose not to.

Workshop will be recorded and sent to everyone after.

BONUS – You’ll also get my anxiety stopper mini course for FREE – simple videos you can follow along to whenever anxious or overwhelmed for instant results.

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OFFER – Get 2 friends to sign up and get your ticket free

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