Practice observing your thoughts instead of reacting to them.

Like you’re just a witness to them.

Realise you are the one observing not the one thinking.

Your thoughts are an invite to understanding yourself.

Your beliefs

Your unhealed experiences

Your inner reality

When a thought bothers you, notice how your breathing changes.

Notice how you feel.

Connect with your breath and continue to breathe focusing on the natural flow of the breath, the inhale and exhale and allow it to wash away the thought as if it was words written in the sand being washed away by the flow of the ocean.

This may be difficult at first but like anything gets easier over time.

Connect with your breath.

I’ve been a bit quiet on here where I’ve been busy creating a 1 day mental health and stress workshop and a new 12 week online coaching program launching end of March.

I’ve also been feeling really fed up and unmotivated with this lockdown bs now and I know if I’m feeling it with all the knowledge and tools I have at my disposal, I’m sure plenty of others are too.

That’s what my stress workshop will be focused on. Helping you to understand stress, anxiety and depression and equip you with simple tools you can use to take care of yourself.

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