I can accept anyone’s past as long as it’s not repeating and effecting the present.

Same with making mistakes, I can forgive anything but what I can’t accept is when someone is repeating an unhealthy pattern and not choosing to actively work on it.

We all have a choice.

We are all human and we all have our patterns.

If someone doesn’t know they can change their pattens that’s when we feel stuck or overwhelmed and helpless.

But the truth is, we CAN heal our subconscious patterns.

Even if we aren’t consciously choosing our patterns, we can choose to consciously work on them and heal.

If you have certain triggers or patterns that you would like to change, get in touch.

Change can be a lot easier than you think when you use the right approach.

This isn’t your usual therapy where you go for months talking about things and fuck all changes.

If it’s a specific pattern or trigger I can guarantee your result in less than 4 sessions. Typically 1-2.

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