Letting go is a super power.

It’s a skill that anyone can learn with enough practice but something which doesn’t come naturally.

We hold onto thoughts, feelings, attachments, beliefs and identities even though we don’t want them.

When we don’t feel safe, we contract. We tighten, we resist, we brace ourselves and hold our breath and shrink.

If you want to let go, we have to let go of that resistance. But we won’t let go if we feel unsafe because opening up and expanding feels vulnerable.

To help the body feel safe we have to show the body, through the body.

Your mind cannot tell your body it’s safe. It has to show it, experience is working somatically, through the body.

When you are stressed or emotional. Notice how you are holding your body, notice how you are breathing.

Become aware of the areas that feel contracted and tight. Typically the throat, chest or abdomen.

Relax the body and breathe into those areas. Like a wave, first belly, then chest and then the rest of your body.

Imagine yourself EXPANDING with each breath.

The action should only be on the inhale, the exhale you are just letting the breath go.

Each exhale just let a bit more of that tension go. The bigger the inhale, the bigger the letting go.

Breathe in love and breathe out anything you need to let go of until you notice your body open, expand and relax.

The body and subconscious loves a metaphor. The easier it is for you to physically let go and relax, the easier it is to let go of everything else.

When you let go of attachments and the fear we attach to losing things you become the free and powerful creator that you are.

Breathe in, expand…
Breathe out, LET GOOOOOO.

What would you like to let go of?

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