One of the biggest lessons I learned on my own journey was that I wasn’t meant to be happy all the time.

I’d get it with some clients when I’d follow up with them they would say they’ve had some “good” and “bad” weeks.

We so easily place value judgements on things and make it so black and white.

The reality is, healing isn’t about never having days you feel a bit down or not yourself.

It’s about having those days and being okay with it.

Our goal isn’t to make emotions go away, it’s to be able to feel safe enough to feel them without being so overwhelmed.

This is why it’s essential to understand the nervous system as this is the system that controls how much you are either in survival mode or safety.

When you can stay regulated you remain calm within the storm and can focus your energy on figuring out a solution.

You see problems are solved creatively, with innovation, listening to our intuition. Something we can only connect with when our nervous system is safe.

That’s what I do with my clients, teach them how to regulate their nervous system and stress levels.

When you can do this, you can activate yourself bodies innate ability to heal. Your own rest and recovery mode.

We practice this skill 3x a week in the resilience club where I lead and you follow along.

The anxiety stopper mini course also shows you how to regulate for only £9.

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