The root of a lot of anxiety lies in our childhood.

During that adaptive conditioning phase under the age of 8.

It’s also the time when our vagus nerve starts to develop.
The vagus nerve is like the brakes of the nervous system. The ability to feel safe to unload stress.

We will only develop a strong healthy vagus nerve if our mother had one too.

This means if your mother was stressed and wasn’t well regulated herself, you wouldn’t have learned to recognise the signs of stress in your body and that you even need to regulate.

Some people assume something “bad” has to happen to them but this isn’t the case, in can literally be an environment that doesn’t feel safe. Say one with plenty of drama/conflict.

When this happens and the parents are arguing, they are so focused on each other and how they feel they forget to regulate the baby/kids and assume they won’t remember.

They might not consciously, but the body always will. When a child’s nervous system is fired up and doesn’t know how to regulate that energy, this can lead to kids experiencing anxiety.

We don’t follow what our parents teach us. Our bodies are more intelligent than that, instead we mimic their same patterns of behaviour.

I get many parents asking me if I can help their kids anxiety. I can but only if they do it too so that the home feels safe energetically.

If you want to break the cycle of trauma passed down each generation, take action, reach out and heal. Your future generations will thank you for saving them and also releasing everyone else previous to you.

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