I got this tattoo years ago when I was going through a really tough time.

I struggled with my business and had recently got broken up with.

I hated my situation and hated the way it made me feel. I’d have done anything to change how I felt.

I was a member of an Internet forum called Iron addicts ran by this guy called Wesley Silviera. It was mostly about weight training but he was also really spiritual and just as much into training the mind.

Growing up I didn’t have many role models but I really liked how Wesley approached life.

He got this tattoo on the back of his head and explained it meant….

“Make peace with whatever comes your way”

He explained that the reason why people suffer so much pain in life is because they resist the way life unfolds.

Life doesn’t happen how we want it to. When we are too attached to the outcome we hurt when it doesn’t work out how we planned it too.

He said to live an easy life we need to accept life as it happens no matter what happens and let how we feel go as we can’t control how life pans out but we can control how we react to it.

This was quite profound for me at the time and made me realise that the only thing I could do about my situation is make peace with it so I could actually focus on moving on with my life as otherwise I’d waste too much energy focusing on what could’ve been instead of what actually is.

Recently this message has appeared to me numerous times in various psychedelic trips in the frame of…

“Let go, surrender and enjoy the ride”

Tbh that’s all you can do when you sign up for psychedelics but also seems pretty apt for life too.

I’m human like anyone else and catch myself stressing about the future and can work myself up into a frenzy if I let myself.

Whenever we notice our nervous system getting overwhelmed from too much thinking we need to press pause and be present in the moment.

Notice your senses, what’s around you, feel, dance, move. My favourite ways to regulate is through movement like dancing or through conscious breathing.

Literally follow your breath, connect with what gives you life and be grateful for this very moment.

2020 been tough, we all deserve to let it go!

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