Merry ChristConsciousness.

The bible is full of stories and metaphors.

The second coming of Christ is a state of mind.

Unconditional love. Something everyone can find but not where they are usually looking.

It can only be found within, when you do the inner work and truly accept and love yourself unconditionally.

Then you recognise that state of oneness and universal consciousness and unity.

As within as without.

When you raise your vibration to the highest levels of unconditional love for yourself in this very moment, (which is accessible for anyone at anytime if they are willing to let go and have compassion for themselves) and you then have it in abundance, then you are in a position to share it with others.

So today raise your vibration, be grateful and accept and love yourself in this very moment.

Then with the abundance of love after loving yourself be of service to others and be kind for the sake of being kind.

Love yourself, be love, give love.

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