I’ve often referred to me realising I had anxiety was like a spiritual awakening.

It lead me to a path of self discovery and exploration and really learning and unlearning who I am.

Anxiety is a result of disconnection. Disconnection from your highest self, where you aren’t listening to your body.

Maybe because it’s become too uncomfortable or overwhelming to be present and feel what you feel.

I do believe a large part of anxiety is a disconnection from our spirit and source.

We have forgotten our power.
Forgotten Who we are.
Forgotten Our purpose.

Spiritual awakenings are often a process of not learning but unlearning the conditioning we have been taught and remembering OUR truth.

Something that isn’t learnt but felt.

Breathwork has played a HUGE part in my spiritual awakening. Your breath literally is the energy of your soul. Your Prana, your life force.

I’m a breathwork coach and a soma breath instructor.

We use breathwork in our resilience club sessions and I guarantee you will FEEL the difference even after one session.

If you want to have a new experience and explore yourself, come and join us. All you gotta do is follow me along. That’s it.

If you’ve been feeling disconnected or stressed there’s a 7 day free pass in my bio link. I’ll be sending out today’s session link later for tonight’s session at 7.30pm.

Come get involved.

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