Had a really cool experience last night thanks to @luna.by.nat @nataliemoxo

Never done any readings before but love new experiences and went into it with no expectations.

She held space beautifully for my energy and actually was so spot on.

I am truly grateful for the experience. Life is about experiences.

Uncertainty can be exciting when you feel safe.

If you want to live your life fully you need to learn how to be safe in your body so you can be fully present in the experience and ENJOY the moment.

I practice this in The Resilience Club, where we practice 3x a week. This is a skill.

Sometimes old unhealed wounds will get in the way of feeling present. A sign is when you find it hard to enjoy life.

This is what I help people with in my 121 sessions. I’ll be taking new clients on in the new year but still doing consultations now if you’d like more info click the link on my profile.

If you would like to have a tarot reading I would 💯% recommend @nataliemoxo @luna.by.nat

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