Pain makes us protective, closed off.

A way to survive when we been hurt.

To heal it does require you to open up, to be vulnerable, to let someone else in.

The lesson to learn is learning who and what energies you allow in.

To recognise the red flags and trust your body’s intuition.

To heal we have to be willing to accept and receive all of it.

The pain that felt too overwhelming. We do this though when we feel protected with love and feel safe enough to truly feel all of it.

It’s something I’ve unconsciously developed on my own spiritual journey of healing and over time of helping others to heal.

When I’m working with someone we have to be truly aligned with our intentions and set outcome.

If we are working together you best know you’re going to heal and if you go into our sessions with that intention I can promise you if you let go, I’ll keep you safe and it’s already done.

This is why I have to have consultations. I have to feel your energy and know you are truly ready to receive.

If you’re ready to take on the responsibility of your own happiness and feelings after we have worked together and we will work together until you feel confident enough to love yourself.

That’s always my end goal.

I can’t sustain you with my energy but I can give you enough to turn your own power on to heal yourself and empower you with the tools and knowledge you need.

It is POWERFUL. And I’m still learning and growing and always will but if you want to truly heal LETS DO THIS.

I am ready when you are.


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