Our bodies have an innate ability to heal.

When we have a physical wound, our bodies heal unconsciously.

Emotional wounds are no different.

Trauma is the Greek word for wound.

Whether or not we heal immediately after our emotional wounds is based on the resilience of our nervous system and if we felt safe to express how we felt in the moment.

When we don’t, the natural healing doesn’t happen. The healing cycle doesn’t complete which is why we still get triggered because the body wants to complete the cycle.

Problem with this is if we didn’t feel safe and felt overwhelmed that’s exactly how we feel when we get triggered.

So how do we heal?

By creating the right environment to complete the natural healing cycle.

We need SAFETY and SPACE.

Creating safety within the body and nervous system.

Increasing our capacity and space to express whatever’s inside that we never expressed.

Now this is a lot easier to do with the guidance of someone else who is skilled at keeping their nervous system in a safe mode and being able to stay present and hold space for the client.

We heal in healthy relationships.

If you’d like to heal, I offer a free consultation to work with me 121.

Everyone can heal. 🙏

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