Psychedelics are soul vitamins.

One of the reasons why is because they activate your DMN default mode network and disconnect you from your ego and your beliefs and perceptions so you can see things differently.

You can also activate the same DMN in the brain through breath work which is why it’s such a powerful tool when it comes to self healing and self regulation.

When you can control your breath you can control yourself.

Do you know how to breathe? I’ve never met an anxious person or any person who hadn’t explored breath work have a healthy breathing pattern except for in babies and kids they haven’t been traumatised and created a state of nervous system dysregulation.

Your breath is your journey back to yourself, your stress remote control and also a way to get high on your own supply safely.

So if you want to grow, learn and heal the natural safe way, join The Resilience Club where we practice powerful, ancient techniques that turn your body into its own medicine.

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