We find it hard to move on from the past when we still have feelings about it.

This doesn’t mean your present adult self still feels a certain way about it. Logically you might be able to accept it and be totally okay with it.

What it means is the version of you that experienced it, didn’t feel comfortable enough to fully express how you felt so you suppressed it.

When we can’t accept things it’s often because we do still feel a certain way about it.

This is our bodies way of trying to get you to revisit it so you can process and express your feelings.

This is why people experience flashbacks with PTSD.

These feelings can be easily resolved with the right techniques and approach.

This is essentially what I specialise in.

Until you process your feelings from the past you will forever be destined to repeat your patterns. Stopping you from being free to live life as your full adult self.

If you’d like to heal and start living life send me a message and book a free 30min session.

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