Most get stuck in their spiral of anxious thoughts thinking that if they can think of a solution it will go away.

This is a trap though because when you’re in a nervous system state of protection your rational brain is offline, you have a negative bias mindset and you’re disconnected from your intuition only seeing things through the lens of anxiety and emotions.

The key to resolving anxiety is to get out of your head and into your BODY.

It’s your body that detects safety/danger and then signals to the brain to switch off the survival response of fight/flight which is all anxiety is a symptom of.

We can signal safety in the body through slowing down your breath, extending the exhale and breathing into your belly.

You can also use touch. When you stroke your face, upper arms or palms it creates delta waves in your brain and calms your nervous system down.

Once you bring yourself back to a nervous system state of safety and connection your rational brain logs back online and your mind has a more positive balance where change can happen.

Thinking while anxious is like throwing fuel into the fire.

Stop thinking and start feeling. If you want to learn how to regulate your nervous system and feel comfortable to feel your feelings send me a message.

Your body has needs, your emotions are your bodies way of talking to you, learn how to listen and how to respond to your body and meet your own needs.

Otherwise it’s like you’re driving a spaceship with no manual or ability to control it.

You have to learn how to master your body, build a healthy relationship with yourself taking responsibility and action when needed and be good at feeling if you want to ever be free from anxiety.

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