Everything you seek from others, attention, validation, acceptance, love, nurturing will never truly fill the hole inside you.

Only you can, it all starts with you.

No one else can love you unconditionally.

This means accepting every part of you. The shitty shadow parts, the parts you don’t like, the self sabotage parts.

When you don’t accept those parts and resist them they will never change.

You have to accept yourself as you are. Not once you’re fixed or healed or reach some goal.

Accept yourself as you are and know that you are enough and always worthy of love.

If you have some beliefs stopping you from doing this and find it hard to be compassionate with yourself and not judge book a session with me.

Borrow my compassion for your shadow parts and it will help shine the loving light needed to heal and help you feel complete again so you can love yourself fully.

Got a number of clients finishing their sessions this week so I’m looking for clients that are ready to stop abandoning themselves and self sabotaging and want to step into their truth and level up.

If this message aligns with you id love to work with you. Click the link in my bio to book a single session or a consultation if you want to go deeper with my signature 121 program.

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