When we are disconnected from our body we live in our minds and cannot listen to the subtle messages the body gives off through our sensations and feelings.

Ultimately that’s what anxiety is, an attention alarm that has triggered a survival response. Something has come out of alignment in your life or your body thinks you need protecting.

When you are connected to your body you can tune into what the anxiety is all about.

Then when you have good emotional regulation you can process your feelings and switch the alarm off.

All of this can be learned and if I can become good at it, anyone can learn.

Anxiety is broken intuition. Leading you to stop trusting yourself and thus not taking action in life while you play it small.

Anxiety is very simple to resolve once you understand the framework of how to fix it.

It does require you to be brutally honest with yourself, be willing to be vulnerable and take responsibility for how you feel which is the biggest obstacle but if you’re ready to stop abandoning yourself and start sorting your life out, I could completely turn your life around in 4 weeks time.

If you’re serious, send me a message. If you’re unsure, read the 100s of client testimonials on my highlights

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