Life’s a bit fucked right now.

You’d have to be really disconnected from your body to not notice even the slightest unsettling here and there.

I’ve always said that those with anxiety are advanced humans that have stronger senses which can be a huge advantage once you learn how to master your super powers and keep your nervous system relaxed but ready.

Shout out to all you intuitives. Listen to your body. If you need holding space to process what you’re going through I’d be honoured to help.

EVERYONE needs to be held at times.

If you’ve got friends or family that not only can hold space but have the capacity to handle your feelings as well as theirs currently that’s amazing. Cherish those people.

Most of us though either have people that mean well but can barely handle their own feelings let alone help us regulate.

This is where a professional comes in handy. Someone private, that won’t judge you and doesn’t even need to know the details but has the strength to help you feel safe and unload the weight of the world off your shoulders and bring you back to your best self.

Whether it’s a one off helping hand or teaching you everything you need to know in my 121 program I am happy to help and feel a little guilty for being quiet recently and not sharing my knowledge with the world when it’s so needed right now.

If you’re serious about stepping up and want to be a better version of yourself hit me up and let’s make it happen.

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