Healing and growth requires a brutally honest reflection of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and identities.

If you was right about everything in your life you’d be in complete alignment and never have any issues.

Obviously this is never the case so we have to be able to explore where we might be wrong and challenge our beliefs and stories and be willing to give them up.

We are always telling ourselves stories, blaming others or feeling like a victim.

Behind our pain and our wounds is always a narrative. A story, a meaning we have given to it to justify the way we feel.

To change how you feel you have to be willing to change the story.

Sometimes this requires us to be wrong.

If we are carrying too much shame about being wrong or making mistakes or judging ourself too harshly you will find it hard to challenge your beliefs or notice any evidence of you being wrong.

This keeps you trapped.

The truth is we have to be wrong and make mistakes to learn from them. It’s the way life’s meant to be. You can only learn and grow from making mistakes and fucking up.

The sooner you accept its part of the process and stop judging yourself the faster you will heal, learn and grow.

We are all currently fucking something up in our lives waiting for the next lesson the universe is trying to teach us.

When you figure out the game of life and realise it’s part of the process you’ll start becoming the master of your own reality and life becomes a lot easier and even fun.

The trick is to always lead with compassion and stop judging yourself so harshly.

What is the latest lesson you have learned?

Mine is to be mindful of the ego stories and thoughts but to always follow my heart.

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