True healing requires you to forget what you think you know. The narratives and stories and instead be willing to be brutally honest with yourself and explore your shadow self.

This requires a high level of self awareness which can be uncomfortable facing and owning your own bullshit but this is where the magic happens.

How we truly heal our wounds and undo our programming.

To explore your shadows you need a key ingredient.


And if you perhaps lacked compassion from others as a child or were judged you will likely repeat the same patterns with yourself.

Without compassion your inner child won’t even reveal itself to your conscious awareness because it doesn’t want to get rejected and you will remain blind to your subconscious patterns.

This is where working with someone can be so valuable. I can provide the compassion and love for your inner child to be seen and accepted and help you to do the same and repair the relationship you have with yourself.

If you’d like to heal and build a healthy relationship with yourself book a consultation through my bio link.

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