Are you living in your mind or your heart?

The mind/ego seeks safety and self preservation.

The heart seeks love and connection.

I’d say the majority of my clients anxiety is because their mind is getting in the way of what their heart desires.

I’m just as susceptible. I’ve ignored my heart and how I feel and listened to the stories in my head or avoided taking action because I was worried about an outcome or getting hurt but the end of the day If you don’t follow your heart you’re already hurting yourself.

The stories and fears are based on conditioning and past wounds. When we heal these we remove the obstacles to what we truly desire.

I’m not saying to ignore your rational mind and throw all caution to the wind but to ascertain whether the thoughts are based in fear/loss/lack.

Whenever we notice these thoughts the key isn’t to think about the thoughts to come to a solution because you’re already in a contracted, defensive state with a negative, fixed bias.

These thoughts are a calling to healing. An opportunity to grow and level up.

The key is to get out of your head, into your body, regulate your nervous system back into your heart centre and when feeling safe and connected then think about the thought when you’re in a state of possibility, a more positive bias and expansion.

Chances are you won’t even be bothered by the thought any more. Thinking is a trap. It feeds anxiety. Learn to feel safe in your body and then be able to truly connect and listen to yourself. Navigate the feelings until you reveal your truth and then take action.

Fortune favours the bold.

Don’t fear the future, fear looking back with regret for not taking action and ignoring your heart.

If you’d like to live a life of abundance and love and you know your mind is getting in the way, book a consultation with me where we can have a friendly chat and discuss a path for you to get to where you want to be.

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