Whether or not you recognise it there is a game to life.

You’re here for more than just consuming.

You’re here to evolve, to grow and unlearn who you think you are and remember who you truly are.

You win the game of life by being conscious and noticing your patterns. We all have unconscious patterns and when you repeat patterns of thoughts, feelings, behaviours or scenarios your job is to take responsibility and heal the pattern.

Patterns repeat for 2 reasons.
1 – unresolved emotions
2 – still not learned the lesson life is trying to teach you.

Now you can’t learn the lesson until you clear the emotion as you will be looking it through a filtered lens.

When you have unhealed emotional wounds you will literally be a subconscious magnet to those familiar scenarios in an attempt for you to feel the same feelings so you can heal and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

That’s the part many miss. If you want your life to change then YOU have to do something different.

Your feelings and life are your responsibility.

This is hard work because it’s subconscious and out of your conscious awareness, this is the shadow work that we don’t want to see because it’s accepting or flaws, failures and mistakes and when we lack that self compassion we will continue to bury our head in the sand.

The problem is even if you attract a similar scenario and feel the same way and change the behaviour, it still isn’t healing the original wound and just stacks more trauma on top.

This is why you need to work with someone like myself so I can heal that wound for you and break the cycle so you can attract and manifest what you truly want in life not scenarios to trigger your wounds.

Each day you put it off is another day of your life wasted and you’re not getting any younger. Don’t let life pass you by out of fear.

I guarantee I’ll have a million time’s more compassion for you than you have for yourself and my nervous system can handle anything you can throw at me. You just have to be willing to be vulnerable, trust the process and let go of control knowing you will be safely held 🙏

I will never judge you, let’s have a friendly chat and see how your body feels.

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