Many are waking from living life on auto pilot.

If anxiety is new for you in the last year or so you’re likely going through an awakening.

Your consciousness is elevating. You can no longer live life on autopilot and are becoming aware of how you feel under the surface.

This can be unsettling but it’s a good thing as it’s leading you back home to yourself.

The entire world is going through a collective awakening.

Well some are, while the rest are falling even deeper asleep to what’s going on.

The world is broken and in pain. The collective consciousness has been suffering for thousands of years but the tide is changing if we start taking responsibility for ourselves.

To heal the world you have to heal yourself.

If you are conscious to what’s going on or becoming more aware of your wounds and traumas you are part of the collective that can change the world starting with yourself.

We can only ascend our consciousness when we feel safe. We can only feel safe when we have healed our traumas and feel safe to connect to ourselves, others and the world.

We can only remember who we are when we unlearn who we think we are (your current avatars conditioning and ego).

You are here for a reason. You were meant to be a part of this experience.

If any of this resonates and you feel lost or would like some guidance send me a message.

We can’t always heal on our own, if we had the capacity to hold space for our feelings they wouldn’t have got stuck in the first place.

Holding space for peoples emotions is basically what my job is. Don’t even need to go into the story. You’ll just be safely held (emotionally) so you can process what you need to process.

I don’t care how big, strong, old you are. We ALL need to be held.

Always with compassion and never any judgement.

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