Trauma isn’t about what happened to us but what didn’t happen to us after what happened to us. The lack of nurturing, lack of safety to feel what we feel meeting our emotional needs.

This doesn’t mean your parents were necessarily bad parents but most likely didn’t know how to meet their own emotional needs and were just trying to do their best to their capability.

When we heal our traumas we heal our stories, our conditioned beliefs about ourselves, others and the world.

Healing is the great unlearning of the conditioned self.

The self you became in order to survive.

When you heal this self you reveal the authentic self and get to be more conscious of your own feelings and needs and learn how to meet them and connect with others to help meet your needs.

This can be scary being responsible for yourself and taking ownership for all your shit. It’s a lot, initially.

But other time it gets easier and easier and you settle into your authentic self.

Being You becomes home again and you can start falling in love with life again.

Who wants to become the 💯% version of themselves?

Let’s heal 🙏

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