Some lovely feedback from a recent client.

Anxiety and trauma need a bottom up trauma informed approach.

Top down therapies such as counselling, CBT etc can actually make anxiety worse as many clients have told me their experiences of feeling worse after their sessions then when they went in as they activated their anxiety by going into the story but the therapist wasn’t trauma informed or know how to co regulate with the client.

When you’re working with someone you are borrowing their nervous system to help you feel safe and grounded. This is the most important part in healing. Someone that can handle your emotions and hold space for you to heal.

I’ve had clients tell me of past therapists that couldn’t handle their story and got just as emotional/overwhelmed as the client.

I’ve worked with clients that have experienced some horrific traumas so nothing you’ve experienced would shock me.

I actually don’t even need to know the story and many of my clients are glad as they are tired of repeating their story or going into it. We just activate it, then move away and run my process. Then by the time we come back to the trauma the feeling has gone or diminished.

I can help you heal safely and efficiently with minimum discomfort. If you are ready to heal send me a message.

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