Anxiety is simple to resolve when you understand it.

Simple doesn’t mean easy mind, but when you have a clear path to recovery and you know what you have to do it’s a matter of when not if you recover.

Anxiety is a symptom of a faulty/sensitive nervous system and requires two things.

Rebuilding your safe/social nervous system up and making it your default setting rather than stuck in survival mode.

Processing the unresolved emotions and experiences that trigger the danger/threat nervous system when there isn’t and breaking the conditioned response.

I can walk you through your healing journey keeping you safe and “hand holding” throughout the process. Bringing you back home to yourself where you can feel safe to be your authentic self and actually be able to enjoy life again.

The biggest obstacle though is the anxious stories in your head that attempt to keep you safe by preventing you from changing and reaching out.

This isn’t your fault. This is the design of anxiety and how it works which is why many of my clients say they followed me for months before taking a leap of faith.

You will always be safely caught though, I will never judge and have nothing but love and compassion waiting for you so if you’re struggling with anxiety, reach out so you can start living life again and thrive instead of just surviving.

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