The power is in the present.

Being so in the moment that you realise how alive you really are.

Anxiety is like that but with added sense of danger.

We avoid being present because of how uncomfortable we feel.

There’s two key components to healing anxiety.

1 – Healing the experiences that triggered off the danger alarms in our life that still has that energy cycling in your body because otherwise it will keep triggering danger as a false alarm when you’re safe.

2 – Practicing connecting and feeling safe in your body. The more you practice it, the more it becomes home.

Sometimes we can heal our traumas but being anxious has become so familiar that the uncertainty of feeling safe is triggering.

You have to stretch your nervous system not stress it. This does require expanding outside of your comfort zone but in a pace that you can process. The nervous system has to adapt it’s like training a muscle.

To do this you need to understand what’s happening in your body, how to recognise the different nervous system states and practicing co-regulation and self regulation and taking responsibility when you need to.

I’m working on a workshop that I’ll be offering for free because it makes anxiety so much easier to understand and when you understand, it’s half the battle.

What brings you into your body and makes you feel alive but safe?

Moments with friends?
Walking in nature with your dog?

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