I am now a certified Safe & Sound Protocol practitioner.

The safe and sound protocol is an evidence based therapy developed from four decades of research by Dr Stephen Porges who invented Polyvagal Theory which has transformed the world of therapy.

Polyvagal theory is the framework behind trauma informed therapy which is essentially the future of therapy as all mental health issues are a trauma response and a dysregulated nervous system.

Anxiety is being stuck in sympathetic activation (fight/flight) and not enough ability to connect to the nervous system state of safety and social engagement.

The SSP is a 5 hour audio program that strengthens your vagus nerve. The nerve that regulates your nervous system out of fight/flight/freeze and into safety and connection.

When the nervous system is in a state of survival/defence it effects our mind, body and how we connect with others.

This effects our day to day living and our relationships

This program is for anyone who experiences anxiety, who finds it hard to communicate or connect with others, especially those that have hyper sensitivity to sound or find it overwhelming in busy, noisy places.
It’s also often used for those with autism, ADHD etc with amazing results.

The program is delivered over 10 days with me online over zoom. In 10 days back to back or spread out if needed.

If this is something you’re interested in, send me a message.

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