You are not an anxious person.

You are not your experiences

You are not your emotions.

You are not your beliefs.

You are not your behaviours and patterns.

The healing journey is about breaking your conditioning and unlearning who you think you are.

How many times have you accepted you can’t do certain things or be a certain way because that’s not who you are?

When in reality it’s just how you’ve not been. But change is always possible and we know our brains have the amazing ability to rewire through neuroplasticity.

You aren’t even the character you are currently playing. You are the soul that entered this human experience not the ego that has been created by your life experiences.

If you want to peel back the layers and break your conditioning so you can consciously create who you want to be and the life you want to live then send me a message I have spaces to start your healing journey as soon as you make the decision to change.

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