Cookie says enjoy your Sunday. Give yourself permission to relax and let go.

Allow yourself a little more room for you to be you and to feel what you feel.

It’s okay to be struggling atm. Especially if you are starting to see people socialising again and look like they are living the perfect life.

Remember what you see on social media is the highlight reel and have more compassion for yourself.

We are all going through a worldwide trauma. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with how we feel.

Comfort yourself the best you can, get into your body and move that energy through you.

Dance, exercise, breathwork, play etc

Also allow yourself to use your coping methods and tune out if you need to. It’s not easy to be present and just breathe through it if you haven’t built up the capacity to be with your feelings.

Take each day as it comes, keep going, you’ll get through this 💙

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