Healing anxiety often comes down to healing the inner child that exists in all of us.

It’s easy to feel frustrated and annoyed with your yourself when you feel anxious but don’t beat yourself up.

The reason why you feel overwhelmed or less capable or even don’t understand why you seem to be having a completely disproportionate response to whatever you’re experiencing is because it’s not your normal adult self that’s taking over it’s perhaps a wounded inner child.

When you judge or ignore your feelings you’re effectively abandoning your inner child.

Anxiety only gets resolved when we take responsibility for ourselves and parent ourself by giving having compassion, acknowledging how we feel and holding space for our feelings without judgement and meet the needs of the inner child.

Even if it doesn’t make sense to you. When you feel what you feel, ask yourself what do I need? When we feel anxious we often need acceptance, compassion, support and safety. Practice giving yourself these things, you gotta step up and take care of yourself.

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