This was one of my biggest lessons through my healing journey.

I couldn’t be around certain people without being triggered.

While your feelings and triggers are your responsibility, so is your inner peace.

So I avoided a lot of people, family included to protect my peace and enable me the space to work through my triggers.

I’m not saying to become a hermit and avoid all social contact but to use your body as a guide. Listen to yourself. Notice when you feel overwhelmed or frankly had enough and put yourself first.

I used to think I was anti social but I actually love socialising, but I have my limits. I’ll get to a point and need to spend time alone in my own space to decompress.

You may even decompress and destress around people. There’s no hard rules.

Attune to your body and honour how you feel.

Even if they don’t seem rational to you or you’re worried about someone else’s feelings if you excuse yourself, YOU have to put yourself first and take care of your needs and feelings because no one else can be as in tune with your body as you.

Essentially this is what anxiety is trying to get you to do. Listen to your body.

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