Just checking in.

Friendly reminder that it’s okay to feel how you feel. No matter what you feel.

Have compassion for yourself, one of the biggest causes of anxiety is judging ourselves for the way we feel.

Invalidating ourselves with the same inner voice we once received from critical parents.

You don’t have to have it all together. I certainly don’t.

Taking care of yourself is a constant effort.

Healing is a lifestyle not a destination.

It happens over time. Similar to staying in peak physical health takes consistent effort, so does peak mental health.

I’ve had this idea of an online membership to help people on their healing journey where you’d have the know how, resources, support and tools needed to help you heal and not feel so alone on your journey.

It started as the resilience club last September which I’m so proud of the members personal growth since then. Many working with me 121 and carrying on doing the work in the resilience club sessions.

Processing emotions and healing can happen fast. In minutes actually, but long term change takes long term consistent effort.

Every single thing I’ve created in my business has been a valuable lesson there enabled me to learn, grow and improve.

I am someone who likes to master their craft and master myself. I want to understand myself, heal, grow and be the best version of myself I can be.

This online program will walk you through step by step the framework of how to heal and provide you with the know how and tools to do so. Then the weekly online sessions will be where you can join in and work through the program.

Not many can afford to work with me every week 121 long term but this way you continue to grow while still getting my support and then 121 help is available if needed.

It will be a safe supportive network of conscious, growth minded individuals all on their own individual journey.

I see it growing and evolving over time with its members and the future of healing. While it can never replace 121 coaching, it’s the next best thing and compliments it perfectly.

If you would like to get in on a founding members price (all previous members included) send me a DM.

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