Here’s a step by step process to save.

Awareness – being able to be present and notice what you are thinking and feeling.

Acknowledge – validating your thoughts and feelings and confirming to your body that you are listening.

Acceptance – Accept that right now, you’re feeling what you’re feeling. Regardless whether it makes any logical sense. Accept your present reality. If you don’t accept it you can’t change it. Accept the past and let it go.
(This is where we would regulate and process these feelings)

Action – anxiety is often motivating you to take action. To mobilise you. That’s why you have that adrenaline rushing through you, trying to get you going. Now you’ve switched the anxiety alarm off you can assess whether there’s any action needed to be taken.

Now when we don’t have a plan, the resources or understanding, we typically fall into…Avoidance.

A very clever survival response to protect you from being overwhelmed. Thank your body for being so smart but help it out when it calls with anxiety by learning how to listen to your body.

This is what I help my clients with. Tuning into their own bodies intuitive wisdom and reconnecting with themselves.

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