It’s hard to label myself as what I do but the nearest thing would be a somatic coach or embodied facilitator.

Essentially I help people to not only feel better but get better at feeling.

Feeling safe to be present in their body and with their emotions.

This is an experiential thing that has to be practiced, not something that can be read about and learned.

The knowledge is great but you can’t tell your body it’s safe. It has to FEEL it’s safe.

The problem with most therapies aimed at anxiety is they only concentrate on the top down model. All the conscious, cognitive work.

Now when triggered or anxious, this part of your brain switches off and everything you learned goes out the window.

This may lead you to feeling hopeless that what you learned didn’t work or that maybe even believing that there’s something specifically wrong with you as many of my clients felt embarrassed about going through the NHS and getting nowhere with what they offer.

If you’ve tried other things and it’s not worked there’s a reason why and it’s not your fault.

You need to work via the body and subconscious. Until you work with your body and subconscious it will continue to seemingly work against you.

When you understand how your body actually works this lays out a simple road map to recovery that then just requires you to actually build your practical skills and ability.

You gotta feel to heal.

If you’re ready to heal send me a message.

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