Most of my clients anxiety is about anxiety itself.

When you actually understand what anxiety is, how it works and what to do when you feel anxious, it tames the dragon and makes it a lot easier to slay.

Anxiety is a normal physiological response. Just think of it as an alarm.

This alarm signals when it perceives threat and overwhelm.

Your main job once the anxiety alarm gets triggered is to turn it off.

You will only be able to turn it off by regulating your nervous system and signalling safety through your BODY not your thoughts.

So don’t get caught in the trap of the anxious thoughts because they will spiral and possibly lead to panic attacks.

As soon as you notice yourself DOING the anxiety. Regulate by slowing down and breathing into your belly, self Havening, TFT/EFT tapping, music, dance just get into your BODY and out of your head.

Your head and your thoughts are the trap. Trying to cognitively escape anxiety is useless. Your rational thinking mind is switched off when triggered. That’s why many clients of mine have tried things like CBT and had no relief.

Hope this helps.

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