Anxiety and the gut health connection.

There’s a reason why they call the gut the second brain.

Anxiety and gut health goes hand in hand.

The stress from anxiety can cause gut issues such as IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and stomach aches.

Recent research is showing that it can work the other way round though, gut issues can cause anxiety too.

The most important nerve in your body for those that experience anxiety is your vagus nerve. This nerve communicates from your brain to your body/gut and 80% of information is sent from body to brain.

The mind and body are one and should be treated holistically.

Stress and inflammation can cause leaky gut syndrome which can cause malabsorption of nutrients.

Serotonin the happiness chemical is mostly produced in the gut. Low levels are associated with anxiety and depression.

Bone broth is amazing for gut health and can help repair leaky gut syndrome too.
It is full of collagen, glutamine, glycine and proline all really helpful for your gut and thus anxiety.

You also want to limit sugary foods, cut out anything that bloats you (typically wheat, dairy, vegetable oils), eat plenty of fibre and get fermented foods, pre and probiotics.

Remember anxiety is an attention alarm. Sometimes this can be needs not being met, health and nutritional needs included.

Anxiety is your best friend. It’s trying to help you, the key is learning how to listen to your body so you can respond when it whispers instead of waiting for it to scream.

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