Happy Easter 🐣

Even though religion is just a psy op. 🤐

God doesn’t exist outside of you. It’s all within.

Christ consciousness is the state of awareness of our true nature, our higher self.

“The basic premise is that man can, within himself, transcend physical existence and experience his own goodness as being “one” with the universe, being a god, or existing on whatever higher plane he chooses to believe in. The name of Jesus is merely used as a prop in this latest version of the same idea. Jesus is seen as the “leader” in showing us how to exalt our own inner goodness and, in doing so, make ourselves right with whatever deity we choose to acknowledge. Christ consciousness groups claim that Jesus earned the title “Christ” by perfectly channeling the divine consciousness we can all attain”

These states of consciousness can be reached through meditation and breathwork.

Soma breath is a mix of both. If you are starting to realise you’re a spiritual being having a human experience and want to explore this more come and give it a go.

I run sessions online focusing on returning home to yourself and your body.
Reconnecting and going within.
Relaxing and letting go.
Somatic exercises and breathwork.

Also looking to run some local soma breath sessions in person soon, perhaps in nature so if you’d like to join either send me a message.

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