Feedback from the stress workshop.

Knowledge is power. Problem with todays world though is that there’s a lot of poor knowledge.

Even from so called experts. 🤐

Understanding anxiety and how your body actually works is half the battle.

The other half is actual practical solutions that work and that’s exactly what I provide.

Anxiety isn’t complicated. It just requires you stop avoiding your feelings and know how to feel safe in your own body to be with them and process them.

It’s easier than you’d think, even if you’ve struggled with other methods in the past.

Which is something I also explain in the workshops. The reason why things haven’t worked isn’t always on you.

The traditional way of working with anxiety focusing on your thoughts can help, but it won’t switch the danger alarm off in your body.

How to heal is simple, but not easy.

It’s a life long journey, not a destination.

A return back to yourself.

I’m going to run these once a month. If you experience anxiety it’s a must.

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