It’s easy to tame the beast of anxiety when you actually understand what anxiety is.

Unresolved trauma and a dysregulated nervous system.

Through a combination of regulating your nervous system as and when needed, healing the unresolved stress stuck in the nervous system and strengthening and building a resilient nervous system is how you heal anxiety for good.

You won’t achieve any of this through a top down approach which is what’s offered on the NHS such as CBT, counselling etc.

To resolve anxiety you need to work bottom up.

In the workshop this Saturday I’ll be explaining how to heal your own anxiety and depression and the truth about what they even are.

So much misinformation out there and frankly terrible advice I see from so called anxiety experts.

For the cost of £49 you’re gonna get more out of this workshop than a years worth of traditional therapy.

This is the future of therapy. Take control of your own mental health and learn how to manage your mind, stress and emotions and heal your triggers and trauma.

Link is in my bio.

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