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The Results Shane's Clients Are Getting:

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Hi, I’m Shane and I Want To Help You Eliminate 
Your Anxiety With a Proven Solution…

My name is Shane Haron and I am known worldwide as “The Anxiety Specialist”. 

As you may have guessed, I specialise in dealing with anxiety. Whether it’s cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety, social anxiety, health anxiety, medical/dental anxiety, OCD, GAD, PTSD, panic attacks or phobias. You name it, I’ve helped people overcome it. 

I never planned to become an anxiety specialist, I fell into it out of necessity. Years ago, I didn't even know what anxiety was, let alone realise I had anxiety my whole life. It wasn't until I started suffering from panic attacks that lead to me ending up in A&E, thinking I was dying, before I even realised I had a problem.

Doctors and mainstream methods failed me. They left me feeling hopeless and helpless but instead of giving up I set out to learn everything I could about anxiety and find a solution. I read every book, spent 10s of thousands of pounds qualifying in the latest techniques and therapies but in the end it was life that was the greatest teacher.

The real world experience of actually testing my theories and methods live on myself and my own personal growth and journey and from working with my clients. Learning from every experience, especially the mistakes made and obstacles that arose and continually refining my own method based on the results of hundreds of clients.

This has lead me to create a battle tested, proven method that can produce replicable results, time and time again and I'm sure will continue to evolve over time.

Superpowers 🧙‍♂️

  • Never judges you, always compassionate and actually cares
  • Will always be honest with you and never ever lie to you, not afraid to be vulnerable and authentic
  • Professional problem solver that thinks outside the box
  • Likely knows and understands what you're experiencing better than you do
  • Expert at holding space for you to feel safe to express yourself
  • Guides you to explore, understand and heal yourself instead of telling

The Haron Method

My proven, time tested Anxiety Solution is a bottom up approach composed of the 5 R's and split into 3 parts. All parts are essential. Re-education is always the best first step. Part 2 and 3 are interchangeable but both necessary for long term success. 

1. Re-education

Anxiety is misunderstood and knowledge is power. With the right knowledge, anxiety is no longer something to fear as you will finally understand anxiety and know exactly how to deal with it. 

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2. Reconnect & Regulate

Reconnection to yourself, your body and your feelings. This can only happen when you feel SAFE.

Regulation is being able to calm your nervous system down, feel safe and control any anxiety and emotions.

These are both essential skills that are practiced in The Resilience Club, an online membership. 

3. Release & Rewrite

Releasing built up stress and emotions from past experiences (trauma) and the present.

Rewriting any negative beliefs and stories from the past that you want to let go of. 

This is best done with professional guidance working with me 121, where you will also learn my method first hand.

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